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Front line workers are stretched thin and very tired. Absenteeism and empty shifts can result in compromised care and just-in-time scheduling is critical. WorkorBe finds staff that’s available. Stop using excel spreadsheets and dialing a list when a get sick or there is a no-show – simply input what you need and map the available worker results, chat in the App, and get the right person on shift so you can provide uninterrupted critical care!


Most school administrators have been there: arriving early in the morning only to learn that there is no substitute available to cover a teacher’s absence. The ensuing scramble may involve dividing the class into small groups and assigning them to other teachers’ classrooms for the day. Or it might mean scheduling all available staff, including your counselor, instructional coaches, and even administrators to teach – while their jobs aren’t getting done. Find the right Supply Teacher or Substitute Teacher that is available and ready to work!

Construction & Trades

Just as the job is about to start there are 5 general labourers absent and you have to begin calling your short standby list of workers that may or may not be available. All your on-call workers are on other jobs and therefore you might have to delay your job start. The onsite resources you’ve scheduled will cost thousands to delay. Dynamically know who is available and geolocated close to the site plus publish the job as OPEN and available for matching workers to apply NOW. This won’t delay your job and with WorkOrBe you even get a waitlist of workers willing to commit to you posting!

Franchised & Multi-Location Businesses

Quick Service Restaraunt Chain(QSR), Retail, or multi-unit business that need daily staff to be profitable. Finding replacement staff on short notice typically means the boss covers the shift (if they have the skills!) or it goes unfilled losing clients and creating a scheduling nightmare. Shift absenteeism is a reality and in multi-unit locations, it’s nearly impossible to leverage other location staff without dialing one after the other hoping someone picks up and is available to work. Contact lists get out of date fast, and knowing who CAN work is impossible. Get a dynamic list of anyone whose schedule is free plus near the location and message them instantly to notify them of staff the openings right away!